Friday, December 9, 2011

Hotel Grand Canyon

Erin and I have made it to the Grand Canyon! We found some interesting sites today. Unfortunately the entire "Petrified Forest" was mostly covered in snow. We did get some good pictures however and encountered two crows who were taunting Lola throughout the entire park. I have nicknamed her "Crowla"
Pictures of me planking the "Agate Bridge" are yet to come. We're waiting on finding some cell service for that one. Finally, we got to see a huge meteor crater. More photos to come!

I can't even spell albuqurque

We just wanted to clarify all of those myths around "it doesn't snow in the desert". I know there's some confusion around that, being that deserts are usually hot and all. But as you can see we woke up in New Mexico and it's definitely snowy!

Also in a strange turn of events, I asked Erin to pull off the highway so we could get a picture and what a nice surprise!

New Mexico handed us a free street sign.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Ye Olde Route 66

Erin and I found the world's largest rocking chair today. It was 42 feet tall and currently strapped to our car. I'll be taking it back to CT with me.

We're in Oklahoma right now so expect some images from Arizona in the morning!

Indiana: Fields, Church on the radio, and something called "Boot City"

This morning we woke up Indiana (no Mom, we didn't die in a firey blaze like I told you on the phone). We made it safely through the snow storm. For anyone looking to visit Indiana we can summarize it for you with the following image.

In other news, it turns out I left my laptop charger in the back of my car... which is in Montville. We're in a "Tech Cafe" in St. Louis right now. I'll still be able to post, I'll just need to be a bit more efficient with my laptop use than anticipated. Worst case, Erin has her laptop too. Provided we can peel it from Lola's jaws, we'll be all set. These are a few images I captured today.

Weathered the storm!

We managed to survive the snowstorm all the way through Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia with the worst windshield wipers ever. Lola has been good but probably not too pleased about being in captivity. I'm tired and finally going to catch some sleep. I'll post better photos later today but for now you can see how delicious I smelled after visiting this truck stop!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Erin's Sendoff

I don't really know who knows about this blog yet so allow me to introduce it! Erin and Ryan (the Twin part of the Twin Tour) will be taking an adventure across the good ol' USA starting this Wednesday (the Tour part of the Twin Tour). We'll be shipping out to California to hang out with our sister Mallory. Mallory's awesome blog can be visited here. The good news is that if you're reading this, you've found our blog and also the place where you can stay up to date with all of our antics. The not so good news is that you only have about two and half days to say your farewells to Erin and Lola as they will be staying put on the West Coast for a while. Check it out, these people already did!

Kelsey and Erin

Kelsey, Erin, David, and Juan

So the Twin Tour kicks off this Wednesday starting at 1PM sharp (or whenever we decide to leave that afternoon... so maybe not that "sharp"). But speaking of things that are sharp! Take a look at Chris's foot after he tried out Erin's nailboard.